Hills Preserve will provide beautiful housing units befitting the Anaheim Hills community while supporting the City’s housing goals and give back a very generous amount of open space to enlarge Deer Canyon Park Preserve.

We are working together with community stakeholders to make Hills Preserve a success and create a comprehensive development that considers the needs and desires of the City of Anaheim. We are also committed to ensuring that this project meets the highest standard of sustainability and preservation.

Preserve and Provide for The City of Anaheim


The City of Anaheim’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation for
2021-2029 requires over 17,000 residential units, which is more than a 300% increase
compared to the previous cycle. To address the severe shortage of housing in Anaheim
and surrounding communities, all districts in the city are being challenged to meet this
mandate, and we believe that we can help meet this goal and create a community that
benefits everyone.

Hills Preserve has been carefully designed to not only provide many quality apartment
homes for the community, but also to dedicate most of the existing land as open space
for all residents of the City of Anaheim to enjoy for generations to come.

This win/win approach will preserve the natural contours of the land and set aside
natural habitat for the expansion and enjoyment of the Deer Canyon Park Preserve.

Hills Preserve is the Right Solution

The density study above demonstrates how a “clustering” approach makes it possible
for Hills Preserve to create a significant amount of open space. The yellow, magenta,
and green neighborhoods represent 498 homes respectively in different density
settings. Each neighborhood consumes varying amounts of land to facilitate the same
number of homes. You will note, the same number of 498 homes in the Hills Club and
Preserve Apartments (the blue building footprint) require a fraction of the land of the
other neighborhoods and leaves the balance of the site as open space for all residents
to enjoy.

Development Location

Located just one mile (3 mins) off the Weir Canyon exit on Santa Ana Canyon Road in
the City of Anaheim, the 76-acre site is situated west of the Festival Shopping Center
and directly across from Madison Squares Self Storage facility. Most of the land is
currently zoned as “transitional,” and has remained undeveloped.

The site is also situated north of the Deer Canyon Park Preserve, a park created by the
City of Anaheim over 20 years ago that has never been easily accessible to all
residents. Hills Preserve project includes facilitating full public access to the park by
building a new road and equestrian trail to make it a safe and enjoyable space for all
residents of the City of Anaheim. We’re excited to work with the community to bring this
vision to life.

A Sustainable Approach

We recognize the need to provide quality housing for communities and in our approach
to development, we endeavor to create a sustainable balance between development
and environmental preservation. We are committed to finding environmentally friendly
solutions and minimizing the effect on the natural beauty of the environment while
meeting the city’s housing needs.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Design or designate 70% of the total land (56 Acres) as Open Space.
  • Add over a mile of multi-use equestrian trails along Santa Ana Canyon Road
    and up Deer Canyon Road all the way to the park.
  • Provide electric vehicles for our residents to “check out” and install more EV
    charging stations than other multifamily projects in Anaheim.
  • Design efficient apartments that use half as much energy as Single Family
    • Fewer Carbon Emissions Per Capita
    • Fewer Maintenance Costs
    • More Sustainable Building Designs
    • Energy-efficient lighting and fixtures
    • More Efficient Heating/Cooling Systems
    • Learn more here.

Development Land Use

Hills Club & Preserve

A Premier Multifamily Destination

14 Acres

Preserve Estates

Future Luxury Homesites

7 Acres

Preserve Place

Future Commercial Pads

12 Acres

Open Space

Designated by Land Use

43 Acres

Hills Club & Resort

Hills Club & Resort apartments will be developed on 14 acres and include a maximum
of 498 units including Studios, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom apartment
homes designed in a mid-century modern style creating a new standard of luxury.
These homes will be complete with floor-to-ceiling glass, generous balconies, and
quality finishes, while presenting beautiful views of the surrounding hills.

Arriving at Hills Club & Resort, the public will be met by a beautifully landscaped
entrance off Santa Ana Canyon Road and a grand porte-cochere in the courtyard
complete with elements of fire and water, while all resident parking will be hidden from
view. The 7-story building will be located at the lowest part of the site and recessed into
the hills to preserve the hilltop vistas for surrounding communities. Hills Club & Resort, with its luxury design and amenities and close connection with surrounding
trail systems, will become known as the best place to live, work, and play in all southern


  • Skydeck
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Cabanas
  • BBQs
  • Fire Bowls
  • Sauna
  • Club House
  • 300′ Lobby
  • Coworking Center
  • Bike Wash
  • Dog Wash
  • Bowling Alley
  • Car Wash
  • Concierge Services
  • Massage Services
  • Covered Parking
  • Trash Valet
  • Guest Rooms
  • Courtyards
  • Fountains
  • Bocce Ball Court
  • Hiking / Biking Trails

Preserve Estates

The Preserve Estates will offer the community a small thoughtfully designed, single-
family neighborhood. These 6 estate homesites will be developed using only 7 of 36
acres currently entitled for 34 homes. The remaining acreage will be added as
dedicated open space to Preserve the existing natural beauty of the canyon and
facilitate the virtual expansion of Deer Canyon Park Preserve and its trail systems for
the enjoyment of all Anaheim residents.

Preserve Place

Hills Preserve proposes the addition of two commercial building sites, which will be
developed in conformance with the City’s General Commercial Zone, allowing
opportunities for future medical office buildings, office, restaurant, retail, and/or
hospitality uses. Adjacent to Festival Mall and other commercial buildings, and located
immediately off Santa Ana Canyon Road, Preserve Place will provide an easily
accessible and beautiful setting for the location of additional services for Anaheim Hills
and surrounding communities.

Open Deer Canyon Park

Hills Preserve proposes to work in partnership with the City of Anaheim to facilitate the
preservation and improvement of recreation and open spaces and the significant
expansion of the existing Deer Canyon Park Preserve for the benefit of the entire City of
Anaheim and surrounding communities. It is anticipated these improvements could
include new and existing multi-use, public trail systems with convenient parking for
visitors, equestrian access, restroom facilities, and picnic areas, resulting in a revitalized
and enlarged Deer Canyon Park Preserve.

Fire Mitigation

Employing fire-hardened construction materials, the Hills Club and Preserve
will serve as a wildfire barrier and help protect neighborhood homes adjacent to our site.
 New fire hydrants will be placed throughout the canyon leading to more accessible
water sources as well as easier fire truck access for faster response times. Hills
Preserve will make the canyon and surrounding neighborhood safer than ever from
potential wildfire events.

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