Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this Project for Anaheim City?

With an impending recession on the horizon, this project will create hundreds of jobs from a multitude of trades, union workers, and small business owners.

Tax Revenue:
This project will generate substantial tax revenues to help offset the cost of critical City services to include Anaheim Fire Department, Anaheim Police Department, as well as many other City employees.

Access to Deer Canyon Park Preserve:
Currently pedestrians must trespass on private property to access Deer Canyon Park.  Deer Canyon Road crosses private property where the owners have installed fences to prevent vehicles from entering the park. This project anticipates that Anaheim City will secure legal access and invest in the rehabilitation of park facilities for all residents of Anaheim City to enjoy for generations to come.

Expansion of Deer Canyon Park Preserve:
46 more acres of open space dedicated to the expansion of Deer Canyon Park Preserve, protecting hilltop vistas and ensuring the perpetual use of trail systems for the enjoyment of all residents of Anaheim City.

Preserve Plaza: 
The potential for a new Medical Office Campus to replace aging MOB facilities in Anaheim Hills where parking remains a problem, or a new gourmet Restaurant, and/or boutique Hotel.  These flexible commercial sites can be developed to meet the future needs of the surrounding community.

The Best Multifamily Project in Orange County:
Period. Hills Club and Preserve will be known as a true urban resort with the most luxurious apartment homes and world-class amenities.

Private Social Club:
All the beautiful amenities will be made available for a limited number of non-residents complete with dedicated elevator to SkyDeck and private lockers.

A Comprehensive Plan:
Provided this Project is approved by the City, this will resolve how the entire mountain will be developed with the assurance of increasing public open space forever and preventing a potentially more unfavorable development scenario for the community of Anaheim Hills.

Will this project create a major fire hazard?

This project does the opposite and will aid significantly in addressing existing wildfire dangers – greatly reducing wildfire risk for neighboring communities.

Will this project create more traffic and a dangerous evacuation situation?

The site is located 1 mile (3 min) from Weir Canyon Exit on Santa Ana Canyon Road and does not require future resident traffic to transit any residential neighborhoods entering or exiting Hills Club and Preserve apartments. Santa Ana Canyon Road is a major evacuation artery between the two major freeway exits (Imperial Highway and Weir Canyon) the most direct path possible – again, without routing through other residential neighborhoods. A traffic study is currently underway to analyze the precise impact on Santa Ana Canyon Road.

Will this project destroy the serenity of Deer Canyon Park?

To the contrary. The project significantly expands Deer Canyon Park Preserve and provides easier access to all the citizens of Anaheim City to use and enjoy.

Why would you build an apartment building in Anahiem Hills?

This project is designed with incredible quality and impeccable details that will become the most sought after community in Orange County to call home. It will be an iconic addition to Anaheim Hills, while allowing the residents in east Anaheim to assist in mitigating the City’s housing shortage.

Is this project a “dissimilar” land-use adjacent to single-family housing?

The current zoning on the front portion of the site, along Santa Ana Canyon Road, is “Transitional.” This project effectively “transitions” from the retail/commercial development to the east (Festival Shopping Area) to the medium density single-family housing to the west, without directly impacting any existing neighborhoods. “Clustering” residential density at the north edge of the property, along Santa Ana Canyon Road, overlooking the 91 Freeway, allows over 60% of the private land behind the site to be dedicated to natural open space as well as preserving the hilltop vistas forever.